Monday, February 1, 2010

Sharing a room

We've finally moved Sage out of our room and into Sky's room. While I was pregnant we moved Skyler from his toddler bed (which is the crib, it changes to a toddler bed) into his big boy bed. We eplained to him we'd turn the little bed back into a crib and the baby would share a room with him. He was so excited. He wanted the crib put up so it would be ready. After Sage was born Skyler would ask every now and then when Sage would be sleeping in his room. One day he even got some tools out and tried to change the toddler bed back into a crib himself. Sometimes I'd lay Sage in Skyler's bed with him while I got clothes for the boys in the morning and Skyler would tell me that Sage told him he wanted to sleep in Sky's bed. At Sky's bedtime he'll ask when Sage will be coming to bed. They do good sharing a room. If Sage cries during the night so far it hasn't woken Skyler up. And when Skyler is crying or talking or whining in his sleep is hasn't woken Sage up.
Not only are they finally sharing a room, but I also finally got their room decorated. It's not longer just blue walls. They each have a side of the room. On Sky's side he has license plates bordering his walls, a moon that lights up, and glow in the dark stars all over the ceiling. On Sage's side are the Pooh Bear and Piglit that Aunt Lisa made.
Sage is loving the crib with his mobile and mirror on the side to play with. Skyler has been keeping his stool in their room so he can more easily see Sage and play with him when he's in the crib. If he here's Sage crying he runs down the hall telling me, "I hear Sage. I'll check on him." Then he'll come back to me "He's just crying. Go pick him up." And if I'm not fast enough, he lets me know. He's been a great big brother and a great help to me with Sage. Couldn't ask for a better boy.

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