Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm back

Wow oh wow. I totally thought I'd be better at keeping up at this. I had grand plans for putting up pics of Sage at 6 months, and now here we are just 3 days away from him being 8 months. Sky has said some hilarious things I wanted to write about, and that never happened. It sure is harder to get stuff done with Sage. He needs more hands on attention then Sky did.
So here's an update on our lives the last 2 months.
Sky recovered from his pnemonia well and was healthy for a while. Then we decided to do a little remodling and kicked up a lot of dust with him in the house (bad mom not thinking about what that would do to him.) 2 days after that we were visiting kidscare because I couldn't keep his asthma under control at home. They gave him a breathing treatment and an oral steroid and sent us on our way and all was good. Then about 3 weeks later he started to cough and within 2 days we were back at kidscare and was much worse then the last time. Sky was having retractions when we got there and his oxygen levels were in the low 90's. They did a breathing treatment and his oxygen levels did not get any better, so they did another treatment with oxygen instead of the nebulizer. It took a while, but finally his oxygen level got to where it should be. This was the first time I was scared we'd end up in the hospital. I'm so greatful we didn't, and for the nurse and Dr that were taking care of us. I had been bad at doing Sky's daily med before all this so I knew it was time to get back on top of things again. I took Sky to see his Dr. and got new prescriptions for all his meds and are doing better at using them all and she gave me more info on asthma so I know more whats going on with Sky.
Sage is growing up too fast!!! He now rolls all over the house. He can scoot places on his tummy. And he is bound and determined to learn to crawl. He can't get up on his knees yet, but he sure is trying. The other day he was sitting on Sky's bed and he grabbed onto the railing we have to Sky won't fall out of bed and he pulled himself up onto his knees. If he were taller and could reach more I'm sure he'd pull himself up onto more things. He's gettin hard to feed cuz he thinks he's much too busy to nurse or take a bottle. At 6 months he had only gained a pound since his 4 month appointment. So he was at 11lbs 13oz. So I was supposed to get him to take a bottle after nursing, but he won't. We had him weighed at Sky's appointment and he was 7 months weighing 12lbs 13oz. So he's still tiny (we met a 3 month old that weighed the same) but he is trying to catch up. He loves to shake his head "no" and will do it when you ask a question. He is busy working on learning different sounds and I am pretty sure he won't make me wait to hear him talk.
Yesterday Josh and the boys went up to Cache Valley to the rendezvous site and set up Grandma Pam's tent. Next week we'll go up to set up ours and we plan on spending the night after we set up. Then the next week will be rendezvous!!! Then the weekend after that is the ward campout. 3 weekends of camping in a row!!!!! We are so excited. We went camping twice last year. And Moab doesn't really count cuz we stayed in a cabin. So in 3 weeks we'll go more then we did all last summer. And we have tickets to Jack Johnson! And we are taking Sky to see Jack for his birthday. So far this summer is already so much better then last. I hope to do better at catching up on our lives more often. We'll see how it goes.