Saturday, February 27, 2010

More sick then I thought

So, I took the boys to the Dr Wednesday. She listened to the list of symptoms, then took a listen to them. She looked at Sage first and listened to his lungs. She gave him the all clear and said he's just getting over his cold and to keep up the humidifier, sucking snot out his nose and elevating him at night. Then she listened to Sky. He did not get a good report like Sage. Skyler has atypical pneumonia and ear infections in both ears. She said it's not so much to worry about as other pneumonia. As long as his symptoms didn't worsen. She put him on an antiobiotic that should clear up both. He was also told to rest, drink lots of liquids, use the humidifier, use his Albuterol, and sleep elevated.I was told to watch for fever and any other sypmtoms worsening. I left the dr feeling pretty confident about caring for both of them and getting them better. Then we got home. As the night goes on Sky's cough always gets worse. So Josh is gone helping a friend and it's just me with the boys. I get all the meds done and put Sky to bed. Thats when his coughing was at it's worse. He was coughing so hard I couldn't tell if he was getting enough air, but when I'd check on him it was obvious he was, but I still began to panic. One of the times I checked on him I noticed he was starting to look feverish so I woke him up enough for ibuprophen so it couldn't get higher. But the cough kept going. By time Josh got home I was scared to go to sleep cuz I was so worried about Sky even though I knew better. I've definately seen his breathing worse. I asked Josh to give Skyler a blessing before we went to bed. After that I felt much calmer, and about an hour later Sky's coughing was less and his fever was gone. Since starting the antibiotic he's slowly getting better and better. He's not coughing as much and is looking so much better. I can't wait for better weather so we don't have to be so worried about our boys!!!!!

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  1. This winter has seemed to be full of illness. I can't wait for warmer weather and better health for our kids and then they can play together more often. I'm glad they're getting better. It was fun to play games last night....we need to do it more often!