Monday, January 18, 2010

Thought we'd give this a try

So, everyone else has a blog. And I love to read them and see whats been going on in everyone's lives. But never really thought about making my own. Until Skyler started saying the funniest things to me and I thought it would be fun to have them written somewhere. You always here of funny things little kids say, but when it's your own (especially having to wait so long just for him to talk) you want to share them with everyone.
A couple examples:
We're in Taget eating lunch:
Skyler:(loud inough for everyone to hear) "Hey Mom! Look at that boy riding in his cart! I don't know what his name is called. Whats his name called?"
Me: "I don't know honey"
Skyler: "Hmmm. Me either."

Shopping in Target, Skyler had decided to ride in one of the carts with the two seats.
Skyler:"Wow! Look at that toy! Wait Mom! I need to get out and see that toy!"
Me:"Ok Sky, but only for a minute. And we can't buy it today."
Skyler:"OK. I buy it next time."

Shopping in any store when Sky is walking, not riding in a cart.
Me:"Skyler, come on. Please keep walking with me."
Skyler:"Mom, just looking!"

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  1. Yea for another addition to the blog world! Happy to have you here, and I hope it's okay if I link to you on mine?